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SPECTRE: A Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle is an ongoing campaign set in an alternate Keeperverse existing within the World of Darkness setting. Of the five planned seasons, we are currently playing through the second season. The most recently completed (recording, not editing) episode is Season 2, Episode 10: Midnight Animal.


A map of each Baron's territories, with the Elysium marked by a star.

Main Characters[]


After being estranged for just over a month, neonates Joseph Rose-Price and Kamila Mansouri are brought back together and entrusted with the care of a fledgling castoff of the Giovanni clan, Vittoria Giovanni. Having to teach a new Cainite the ways of the masquerade and traditions whilst navigating their own relative lack of understanding for the ways of the Kindred, the trio must battle their inner beasts and maneuver themselves as best they can through the political landscape that is Los Angeles by night. In a city where everyone you meet seems to have their own agenda, how will these three manage to carve out their own path? And when their baron, Nines Rodriguez, and the group's long-standing parental figure, Benny Espinoza, task them with looking into a series of local diableries, will the rookie coterie be able to handle themselves when they turn out to have bitten off more than they can chew?

Season 2

With the conclusion of the nightmarish Marvolio Killings a hollow success for the coterie, Joseph Rose-Price and Kamila Mansouri are the new up-and-comers in the vampire world -- but they don't have long to celebrate. The duo's young apprentice Vittoria Giovanni has vanished leaving only bloodied bedsheets and a shattered pearl necklace in her wake as the forces of chaos gather on the horizon in the form of the Sabbat, a violent sect of tradition-breaking kindred. Riding their fame and influence they must unite the disparate leaders of Los Angeles's many vampiric territories, convincing them before it's too late that the Sabbat pose a true danger to the stability of the city. And when Charlotte Devereux, Hollywood's eccentric Keeper of Elysium, switches sides and joins the party, will our heroes finally have enough power and authority to prevent L.A. from being subjugated by the QUEEN OF THE NIGHT?


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Supporting Characters[]

Coterie Associates[]

The Sires[]

The Barons[]

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The Hands of Saulot[]

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Los Angeles[]

  • Vita Notturna
  • Penumbra
  • Law Practess
  • Decadence Den
  • Circo Caballero
  • Hilton Long Beach Hotel
  • Saint Elijah's Episcopal Cathedral
  • San Fernando Library
  • Grauman's Chinese Theatre
  • Hollywood Forever Cemetery
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • Bergamot Station Arts Center
  • Warehouse C
  • Paper Giraffe Tea House
  • Setite Temple


  • Spectre is a chronicle based on the previous cancelled project Penumbra.